«Consciousness Doesn't Have Borders» by Yulia Virko and Anthony Gelfand

15.10.2020 – 15.11.2020| 12:00-21:00

«Consciousness Doesn't Have Borders» by Yulia Virko and Anthony Gelfand

From 15th of October to 15th of November, Sevkabel Port presents the exhibition "Consciousness doesn't have borders". It is a project that brings together the artworks of two young contemporary artists: Yulia Virko and Anthony Gelfand. Previously, in September, the show was exhibited in the Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod in Moscow.

The “total installation” located in Kabelny Tseh is based upon alternating the artists’ works: Virko taking the audience into a bright world of colorful dreams, and Gelfand exploring nostalgic memory and the consciousness where dreams are born.

Both artists reflect on the boundary between memory and imagination, experimenting with technique and material. Their common method is combination, layering and collage.

Large-scale paintings and drawings created by Virko will be presented alongside photo collages and videos by Gelfand, and the surrounding industrial space becomes one unrecognizable circle labyrinth.

Curator — Kristina Romanova (Research Arts)
Architect — Ksenia Lukyanova

Admission fee — 100 RUB.

Location: Sevkabel Port, Kabelny Tseh, 2nd floor
Kozhevennaya liniya, 40, St.Petersburg, Russia