Lunch in Sevcable Port

Lunch offerings from residents

Lunch in Sevcable Port

Lunch offerings are available only on weekdays.

Children in the kitchen

Schedule: 12:00-17:00. Price: 2 dishes for 400 rubles or 3 for 490 rubles.

Business lunch contains: salad, soup and main courses to chose from. Drinks are bought separately. Check the menu on the spot.


Schedule: 12:00-17:00. Price: 550 rubles.


Schedule: 13:00-16.00. Price: 500 rubles.

Menu includes:

  • chicken broth with noodles and egg or kachukko with pike perch or meat soup with tomatoes or cheese soup with bacon
  • pork steak with potatoes or pike perch fillet with rice or pork stroganoff with mashed potatoes or chicken fillet with vegetables
  • tea/coffee/juice/water


Schedule: 12:00-16:00. Price: 2 dishes + a drink for 350 rubles. or 3 dishes + a drink for 420 rubles.

Lunch contains: salad, main course, a drink. It is possible to take borsch, mashed potatoes with cutlet and compote or olivier, hodgepodge, meatballs with rice and warming tea — all of your choice.


Schedule: 12:00-18:00. Price:

  • The first or the second courses + a drink — 400 rubles.
  • A full lunch: the first course + the second course + a drink — 550 rubles.
  • All inclusive: the first course + the second course + wine/beer/vodka — 750 rubles.

Comfort food — the usual food from childhood, which is associated with comfort. If desired, the guys can replace some meat items with a vegetarian option.


Schedule: 12:00-15:00. Price: 350 rubles.

Lunch is classic: light salad, soup, the main cours, and a drink to choose. For example, salad with vitamins, mushroom noodle soup, chicken cutlet, bulgur with vegetables, and orange drink.

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Mussel men

Schedule: 12:00-20:00. The whole menu is for 40% sale

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