японский саке-бар с закусками

today 17:00 – 23:00
tuesday – fridaytue – fri17:00-23:00
saturday – sundaysat – sun14:00-23:00

A bar Takadaya - is a part of a big project of Kadzuhiko Kidzima directed to popularize nihonshu in Russia.

A central part in bar card is placed by japanese rice wine. You can choose different types of nihonshu, and classic cocktails with author's novelty presented by brend-barmen Yuta Inagaki.

Menu consists of special snacks focused on dishes, which are prepared with help of japanese method of fermentation.

In interior of Takadaya you can see ukiyo-e - a movement in japanese art, engravings from wooden printing plates, which depict pictures of everyday life. Bar decor items can be purchased.