What to do in Sevcable Port

собрали идеи для досуга в Порту

What to do in Sevcable Port

Sevcable Port - public place in the harbour of Vasilievsky Island

→The place, where the city meets the sea

Pedestrian promenade with the sight of The Gull of Finland discovered by Sevcable Port has become a business card of the city.

→Factory of events

More than 700 events per year are arranged on the territory and in rooms of Sevcable Port. Educational programmes, performances, concerts, exhibitions, sport, markets, cinema, musical and gastronomic festivals prove that this is the most vibrant place of the city.

→Urban environment driver

Sevcable Port integrates best practices in transforming industrial heritage into a regional centre of cultural and business activities.

What can you do? Catch some ideas how to spend your leisure

→A rink near the sea - gripping view of the sea and and of the cable-stayed bridge, romantic music, warm light, decorations, food court zone - all the attributes of the most festive winter ride

→Attend one of the many events - parties, markets, exhibitions, sport, concerts of your favourite musical band, skate or piano classes, cinema or performance.

→Exhibition " Punk Culture. Korol' I shut" (King and Jester, Russian punk band) . The exhibition is divided into two imaginary timelines, one of which is devoted to the history of genre from a born of Sex Pistols to postmodern peculiarities of russian punk culture, another one will tell about russian punk group "Korol' I shut".

→Go shopping - vintage, vinyl, bicycle - we have everything! choose the shop according to your own preferences and come on the way

→A whole kids floor is dedicated to young visitors. There are two playgrounds, skateboarding schools, and even a pirate boat. Moreover, you can find many masterclasses for self-development .

→Far Eastern mussels, churros, japanese sake, roman pizza, trdelnik, and cyber-sushi. The main summer location is bar line with terrace, surrounded by the gulf.

→On the territory you can find social cluster "Normal Place", a project "We are the same" and a container "thank you".

Events - everyday, sea and horizont - forever. Free entrance